5. After Da Vinci.jpeg

After Da Vinci – Sold

6. Larine.jpeg

Larine – Sold


Drapery – Sold

Sir Lawrence

Sir Lawrence – Sold

Pigeon Long Neck

Pigeon Long Neck

1. Alexus of rock

Alexus of Rock


Talia I


Talia II

06. Venus Bust

Venus Bust

3. Sunny afternoon

Sunny Afternoon – Sold



Sara Jean

Cheryl Anne -Sold





05. Reclining

Reclining – Sold


Pigeon Standing

Pigeon Waiting

Pigeon Waiting

2. Contemplation


Silver Setup

Silver Setup -Sold

Hello France

Hello France

Sara Jean

Sara Jean



Golden Light

Golden Light – Sold

Symphony of White

Symphony of White -Sold

Self Portrait




White Jug

White Jug -Sold


Violin – Sold

Camilia I

Camellia I – Sold

Camilia II

Camellia II – Sold

Camilia III

Camellia III – Sold

Open Books

Open Books – Sold

Silver Jug

Silver Jug – Sold


Jars – Sold

Seattle Cityscape

Seattle Cityscape



Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith – Sold

Waiting for Dawn

Waiting for Dawn



 Kim Sculpture 1 Kim Sculpture 2

Kim (Sculpture)

Yvonne Sculpture

Yvonne (Sculpture)


4 comments on “Academic

  1. Good Afternoon Larine,

    Saw your work and was impressed enough to write you.
    Your academy work is wonderful but it’s the only good work on your website.
    You seem to want to waffle between classical and abstract.
    If that is all you can do, I guess you should continue.
    But someone should have told you the whole reason an artist masters the laws of the physical world is to get to the point where your IMAGINATION can now take flight!
    What about visual metaphors?
    What about metamorphosis?
    You have nothing to say using narrative still lifes? Really?
    Great art has always been hard work.
    You appear to be setting the bar a little low for yourself.
    Someone with your talent should not be doing this.
    Sorry, but I can see you are capable of far better efforts than you are currently producing.
    I mean no disrespect.
    Seriously wishing you every success in the future.

    best regards,
    Brian Mantz


    • Thank you for your comment and suggestion. I will keep learning and better myself in the world of art. Sometimes when we are searching, the road ahead is confusing, we might even need to take a detour, but will always arrive. I am working hard to move towards truth.


  2. Bravo Larine. You are talanted and hard worker. I remember you in Aristides atelier… You worked 24/24 h… and now you became a master. I like your work between abstract and reality… Thank you to send me your carts in Paris. Today we are living in the house near Versaiiles. My adresse is: Nina Larchevêque, 2, rue Lamenais, Chaville, 92370, France


    • Hello Nina,
      Good to hear from you! I will have another show in Hong Kong next year.
      I will send you a post card 🙂 Take care!!


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