Our workshops help artists improve technical and creative skills on which great works of art are made.

On Demand: Painting Technical Drills

‘Technical Drills’ is a self paced online course with the focus on understanding and practicing the fundamentals of painting. We will be learning how to mix value with limited palette (earth color) hands-on.

On Demand: Still Life Old Masters to Now

We examine pictorial elements including value, color, design and content in master paintings from renaissance to contemporary. By studying the powerful observation and painting techniques involved, we will gain insight into the creation of the works.

The workshop content is very good and knowledgeable, I think it’s beyond the art history and I’m so thankful that Larine had put in a lot of hard word and knowledge that help us to understand the real art, how amazing of each work and the design behind it.

— Workshop artist

Larine’s workshop was well-designed and packed a lot into 3 hours. Just the right level for me. It was very helpful to hear her speak about what colors to mix. Her ability to instantly provide feedback about a work is amazing.

— Workshop artist

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