Workshop: How to Paint Flowers

Summer Garden, oil on panel             Larine Chung 2021

Online Painting Workshop – How to Paint Flowers

Note: This is a self directed and paced online course. Students will receive one written critique for each of the exercises in the course.  

$240 for the 8-lesson course  

“How to Paint Flowers” is a self-paced online course all about painting flowers, focusing on flower structure, light/shadow concept, Alla Prima paint application and color schematic of each unique flower. You will learn to paint 4 different flowers: daffodils, tulips, daisies and roses. The course begins in basic concepts and graduates to advanced techniques, and is suitable for painters of all levels. There are paint-along exercises for each flower we demonstrate in class, as well as additional exercises that reinforces the learning.

Course outline and supply list will be emailed shortly after enrollment. Thank you!


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