Gummy Bears
Gummy World

Gummy Bears

Camellia’s Sonata – Sold
Amigos – Sold
Rondo of Life – Sold
10 (2)
Chocolates, anyone? – Sold
878_Chung_Larine_Fading reality
Fading Reality – Sold
Self-reflection – NFS
Jade Sonata
Jade Sonata – Sold

2 thoughts on “Illusionist

  1. It looks like you’re recreating your palette on canvas in these. Looks like you’re setting up a still life or discovering an object you absent mindedly set on your palette and then painting just what you see, while also recreating each little smudge, etc. just as your palette looks. Or are you adding an object to a background that was a palette or an abstract painting? I really like these! I’m interested in your process.


    1. Thank you for your comment. The abstract background come first and then I set up a still life according to the feeling it stirs.

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