Still life with fish

I went to buy a fish today for my still life. This was my second time buying fish in my entire life! I am really afraid of touching fish… This evening I stood in front of the seafood market stall and waited for assistance. I choose a bright red fish that will fit the painting well, and I kept waiting. But nobody came… finally I saw a man bravely grabbing two fishes with his bare hand and put them in his plastic bag! I asked him to help me put one red snapper in my bag. And then the staff there wanted to clean and gut the fish, I kept telling the guy it doesn’t need cleaning as I want to paint it. That turned out to be a confusing explanation 😛 Luckily I was able to keep my fish intact in the end. Stay tune for the still life with fish painting and my first fish buying hilarious encounter!

Published by larinechung

Visual artist -- classically trained contemprary realist painter

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